The Innovation Hub Dudelange is an incubator that specialises in ecotechnologies.

With the support of the Ministry of the Economy, Technoport S.A. and Luxinnovation GIE, we aim to contribute to improving the ecological footprint of both Dudelange and Luxembourg by assisting «green tech» start-ups.


By developing your project at the , you will be helping Dudelange and the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg on its path towards a sustainable transition. In addition, you will be participating in the growth of the new NeiSchmelz district, which aims to live by the principles of the circular economy.

Thanks to our partnerships with Technoport and Luxinnovation, we connect start-ups with ecotechnology experts and provide the best conditions possible for their projects.

Thanks to the support of Luxinnovation and Technoport, start-ups benefit from the following advantages:

Tailored coaching, conferences and workshops

Exchanges with professionals who share your passion

Turnkey solutions for a productive work environment

Targeted introductions to expand your network

Collaboration opportunities with the Town of Dudelange

Dedicated, flexible working areas

Parking spaces

Who is the Innovation Hub for ?

Very young companies under two years (counting from the date of their integration into the Innovation Hub) are one of the facility’s target audiences.

The Innovation Hub will serve as their base and launch pad for their projects. These companies will pay 15€/m² a month.

Young companies that were founded between two and five years ago may also access the Innovation Hub. In those cases, the facility will provide them with support as they transition towards full independence.

For this group, the rent due is 20€/m² per month.

Maximum rental period: 5 years