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Zoom on the Innovation Hub Dudelange and its residents, visionary entrepreneurs, concerned about climate change and its ecological consequences. These entrepreneurs with strong values develop innovative solutions for a green transition.

The cartographic revolution with RSS-Hydro

Created by Guy Schumann, the start-up RSS Hydro is dedicated to the study of flood zones. Using state-of-the-art equipment including drones, the team detects risk areas before carrying out modelling and simulations.

Satellite observation in cooperation with institutions such as the European Space Agency enables the generation of detailed and accurate maps of the urban environment, but also of the terrain in the context of large-scale construction projects.

Optimal access to services via the cloud with Wasdi

The Wasdi platform was created to facilitate access to modeled data and simulations loaded on the cloud. The collaboration with the municipality is a major asset. Requiring no specific technical skills, it allows public institutions and the private sector to make informed decisions in areas of application of remote sensing (natural disasters, agricultural projects, etc).

Nurseries centers go digital with Kidola

In an interview, Jonathan Kindermans, Quentin de Madre and Simon Lelorrain explained that they created Kidola to simplify the daily life of the educational staff, but also to reassure parents. These fathers have developed an application capable of providing detailed reports to parents. With the help of photos, they can even visualize their children’s day (meals, hygiene, nap time, games…)

For their part, the educators fill out forms that allow for an automatic update of the data, which leaves them much more time to take care of the children.

More than 12,000 Luxembourg parents have already installed the application. The City of Dudelange benefits from an ideal border location and has the Innovation Hub incubator, so the founders of Kidola naturally chose to set up their start-up in Dudelange to promote strategic growth.

Ecology with the Internet of Things by Frontier Connect

Managed by Catalin Chitu and with the help of Luc De Ribeiro, Frontier Connect develops IoT (Internet of Things) related solutions under the brand name Lumbara. Their proprietary sensors allow the collection, transmission, display and interpretation of data. The objective is to improve processes with an ecological focus. The watchwords of Frontier Connect are: Facility Management, Greentech, Clean Tech, Digital Agriculture, Smart City and Green City.

In Dudelange, the sensors installed in the Emile Mayrisch park, for example, make it possible to evaluate the quality of the water and to send alerts in real time when an intervention is necessary (depollution, cleaning…) A rainwater recovery project is also underway to help farmers produce organic or, at the very least, reduce fertilizer and water consumption.

If you would like to learn more about the Innovation Hub’s entrepreneurs, please read the rest of this article.

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