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Since its official creation in 2018, the Innovation Hub incubator in Dudelange has been supporting companies from different sectors, but which in one way or another is active in the eco-technology world. In this article, we continue to tell you about the start-ups that are hosted there.

Natural household products with Wasch

Aware of the harmful impact of certain chemical molecules and plastic packaging, especially single-use ones, on environmental health, the couple Nicolas Devaux and Sarah Weyssow decided to develop new product lines. Inspired by the indications provided by INCI beauty, they looked for natural alternatives to the chemical components used in the manufacture of household products.

Essential oils, beet alcohol, baking soda… are thus favored in the formulation of detergents available in glass bottles and 10L returnable cans. The Innovation Hub allows Wasch to benefit from an appropriate support to increase its visibility and credibility.

Maintenance and sanitization of air and water networks with Novalair

Tony Russo is a chemical engineer with more than 15 years of experience in water treatment. He created his company with the aim of contributing to the ecological transformation. This CEO is taking advantage of the Innovation Hub’s assets to develop his business. He also considers his location in the Dudelange incubator as a growth lever.

Novalair is dedicated to sanitization and maintenance services for hydraulic and aeraulic networks for local authorities, industry, professionals and, more recently, private individuals in order to meet local demand. In Dudelange, the company has already carried out the disinfection of certain networks in schools and nursing homes.

It aims to optimize the quality of networks to ensure the health of users but also to allow them to control their expenses by consuming less energy.

Measurement and geolocation solutions with Lawstar

Surveying Engineer, Valère Lawson was convinced by the quality of the support offered to start-ups living in the Innovation Hub. With expenses reduced thanks to the city’s financial contributions, Lawstar can focus more on developing its measurement and geolocation solutions.

The company carries out surveys and scans that allow, for example, the precise identification of heat loss points. To stick to the realizations in Dudelange, we can quote the intervention of Lawstar to carry out surveys allowing the structural modeling of a building.

Eco-friendly cleaning solutions for communities and industries with LuxEM

LuxEM is also among the start-ups that have joined the Innovation Hub.

Founded by chemical engineer Latifa El Qhabra, the company designs and offers high-end solutions combining cleaning and hygiene products, cleaning equipment, handling equipment… The solutions are developed for communities and industries.

Considering Dudelange as a city with ecological and social interest, LuxEM has signed a partnership with the municipality, in particular via the ecological service.

If you want to know more about the Innovation Hub’s entrepreneurs, we invite you to read the rest of this article.

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