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Faced with ecological issues, many start-ups have chosen to specialize in the development of eco-technologies, an approach supported by the City of Dudelange through its incubator which already hosts 11 companies. 2 articles have already been published on the start-ups of the Innovation Hub incubator, if you want to know more about the other ongoing projects click here.

Reduce your ecological footprint with WeThink

Founded by Luc Schmit, WeThink develops projects that allow individuals, businesses and communities to improve their ecological footprint. The range of products offered includes wood (including paper), plastic and energy.

Among the solutions developed are garbage bags made of recycled plastic from Luxembourg waste. Thanks to the Innovation Hub, WeThink has the opportunity to test its products and innovations in the commune of Dudelange. This is particularly the case for the intelligent public lighting, which could reduce the expenses generated by the lighting by up to 80%.

Going green with WeCare

Managed by Max Klepper, WeCare offers green cleaning services in synergy with other start-ups that coexist in the Innovation Hub. With a strong network of promoters, the company focuses on reducing the environmental footprint by providing customized suggestions to clients who want to take a greener approach to cleaning and maintenance.

The environmental transition with Demain Autrement

With a solid experience as a professional buyer, Sandrine Grumberg founded Demain Autrement, a company committed to accompanying companies towards a strategic ecological positioning. As a consultant in eco-technology, she accompanies professionals on the vectors that allow them to adopt a relevant environmental policy.

The start-up is involved, for example, in identifying suppliers that enable companies to support the circular economy while reducing their expenses. Sustainable purchasing is at the heart of Demain Autrement’s priorities, and its move to the Innovation Hub in Dudelange is helping it to grow. The incubator makes it easier to connect with entrepreneurs, and welcomes companies from various sectors that share the same sustainable vision.

A competitive, digital and sustainable economy with Luxinnovation

The Luxinnovation agency, partner of the City of Dudelange and Technoport in the management of the Innovation Hub, encourages the development of Luxembourg companies by supporting innovations oriented towards eco-technology.

During his interview, Martin Guérin, in charge of the start-up support program at the Innovation Hub, emphasized his desire to lead the companies hosted there towards sustainable growth. Alongside experts, he is also involved in supporting start-ups and makes his know-how available to companies seeking coaching and advice. He shares his knowledge of growth strategy, among other things.

The dynamism of Dudelange and the municipality’s commitment to eco-citizenship influenced its decision to locate there. The extension of the Innovation Hub is currently being studied to increase its capacity.

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