Innovation Hub – 3 startups reinvent the city of tomorrow with Dudelange!

The Innovation Hub, which has been set up for a little over a year on the edge of the former wasteland, welcomes start-ups active in the field of ecotechnology. Supervised and guided by Luxinnovation and Technoport, some of them have the opportunity to collaborate with the City of Dudelange. Zoom on the projects carried out between the southern city and these startups.

In total, three startups currently have the opportunity to demonstrate their know-how and develop their products and services within the municipality.

Among them, we find RSS-Hydro.

Created by Guy Schumann, the company is active in the mapping of flood zones and carries out consultancy missions in this same field. Recently, the man who has also worked for the University of Bristol and Nasa, was asked to produce a very high resolution topographic map of the Diddelenger Baach stream, in view of a sanitation project. This project was conducted in partnership with the University of Luxembourg, which has drones and qualified pilots.

WeThink, another startup present at the Innovation Hub, is also involved in a project with the City.

Luc Schmit and his associates, whose mission is to demonstrate that technology and ecology are compatible, are working on a circular LED streetlight project. After various tests, the prototype has been validated, and the first streetlights will soon be installed along the route de Burange and the rue Reiteschkopp. They will be switched on according to the natural light, when pedestrians and motorists pass by, when the day is down.

The latest young company to collaborate with the City is Frontier Connect.

Managed by Mircea Oaida, it develops applications related to connected objects in the fields of agriculture and green spaces. One of the solutions it proposes has been in the test phase for several weeks now in the Emile Mayrisch park. It is an intelligent irrigation system that collects real-time data on air and water quality, as well as soil moisture. This data is then used to control and optimize irrigation and water consumption.

To learn more about the innovation policy of the City of Dudelange, discover the interview of Dan Biancalana on this subject.

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