Innovation Hub – ” Promoting the right mindset to attract tomorrow’s talent to Dudelange “.

Since opening its doors in 2018, the Innovation Hub has seen several eco-tech startups set up shop. This was an opportunity for Dan Biancalana to take part in an interview. In the second part of the interview, he talks about the importance for Dudelange of encouraging innovation.

The Grand Duchy is known to be a dynamic country in terms of research and development. In this context, startups are growing like mushrooms. Some are successful, others less so.

In order to give them all the chances on their side, more and more incubators are being created in Luxembourg. Among them, the Innovation Hub Dudelange. Closely linked to the future Neischmelz district, it has clearly succeeded in establishing itself in the Dudelange landscape. For Dan Biancalana, who makes the dynamism of his city one of his main concerns, hosting such a structure was an obvious choice: “Entrepreneurship is a culture that needs to be further developed in the country, and especially in the southern region. With the Innovation Hub, we intend to encourage entrepreneurship and its success to make others want to be entrepreneurs”.

This project, led by the city in collaboration with Luxinnovation and Technoport, does everything possible to enable these start-ups to grow and develop in the best possible conditions: “A support system has been set up to help companies grow. The idea is also to connect them to an ecosystem of strategic players for their development. Whenever possible, we make sure that the solutions developed by these startups can be implemented in Dudelange. This is the case for one of them: when you walk in the Emile Mayrisch park, you probably don’t realize it, but their device, designed to measure the quality of water and grass, has been installed there,” says the mayor of the municipality.

But why does Dudelange have such a strong focus on creativity and innovation? “Our city is the place to come, to live and to work. Everything is designed here to identify, stimulate and support those who have projects and ideas. By relying on the credibility and experience of our partners, we want to show that in Dudelange we foster a state of mind that is conducive to attracting the talents of tomorrow”.

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