Setting up a startup in Dudelange: yes, but under what conditions?

Inaugurated in 2018, the Innovation Hub has taken up residence in the former administrative headquarters of ArcelorMittal. Intended to host young companies active in the eco-technology sector, this incubator is a first step towards the construction of the NeiSchmelz district, which will be located behind it.

This flagship project, the Innovation Hub, is in line with the desire to see innovative startups set up in the southern city. To support and guide them throughout their development, the City has called on the expertise of Luxinnovation and Technoport. Throughout their journey, the start-ups will be supervised and coached by the two players.

The building covers more than 500 m2 and has been completely renovated to house 14 offices and meeting rooms. In total, about ten startups can be hosted at number 100 route de Volmerange.  

The condition for entry is simple: be active in the field of ecotechnology (technologies that contribute to improving respect for the environment).

Chosen for their expertise in this specific sector, they can then claim to rent offices at very advantageous conditions within the Innovation Hub:

  • Startups that are less than two years old when they move to Dudelange pay a rent of 15 euros/m2. The Innovation Hub serves as a base camp, but also as a springboard before launching their business.
  • Startups that have blown out their second candle when they arrive at the Innovation Hub pay a rent of 20 euros/m2. Before they are completely autonomous, the incubator serves as a home base for them.

Note that office space is rented for a maximum of 5 years.

For its part, the City of Dudelange is committed to organizing events to promote the startups to the population, but also to local businesses, by organizing open houses for the general public, or school visits. Synergies between the municipality and the startups could also be established, and thus contribute to the development of the NeiSchmelz eco-neighborhood. 

For further information, please contact


Tel. : 516121-908 / 516121-961

Discover some of the startups currently installed at the Innovation Hub:

  • Techno Green
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