The start-up WeThink has installed a smart public lighting in Dudelange

In cooperation with European partners, the start-up WeThink has installed intelligent street lighting in the Reiteschkopp street.

As soon as a sensor recognizes a pedestrian, cyclist or vehicle, the street lighting is automatically switched on in a defined environment. The movement is then followed by a light flow. The light follows the pedestrian, cyclist or vehicle and is switched off after it has passed. Each lamp can be adjusted separately.

©Marc Lazzarini

In theory, street lighting can be completely switched off at night. This intelligent lighting saves up to 80% of energy. This not only saves money, but also helps to protect the environment. In addition, this lighting has a great advantage for animals that are active at night. They are no longer disturbed by constant artificial lighting at night.

©Marc Lazzarini

In addition, since the lamps can all be individually adjusted, the intelligent lighting system also has advantages for road safety. In the event of an accident or work being carried out at night, the lamps can be set to 100 percent brightness to give a better overview of the situation and signal that an incident has occurred. The system also has the advantage of being able to collect data.

The municipality can observe how many movements have been captured, how many vehicles have passed by and the traffic intensity in the different streets of the city.

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