SpinPhield – A technology to restore the properties of wastewater

SpinPhield is first and foremost a family story. Jonas Trifot is now the only person of the company and intends to commercialize the technology his father has been working on for the past 20 years: a device for treating wastewater.

This collaboration between father and son began somewhat by chance, while Jonas was pursuing his career in London, in the social impact investment funds sector: “My career allowed me to discover how to set up a startup, how to draw up a business plan, etc. It was quite complementary to the work I was doing in the field. It was quite complementary with my father’s activity, who was in charge of the product development, of all the research that surrounds it”. By joining forces, the two men decided to become as professional as possible and set out to conquer Luxembourg.

A few hours before the first tests of the prototype were to be carried out, Jonas’ world was turned upside down, as his father unexpectedly passed away. “Following this event, I decided to continue the work he had started and to create the product he had imagined. That’s when Luxinnovation contacted me to present my project to Dan Biancalana. Seduced by the idea of SpinPhield, the mayor proposed me to join the Innovation Hub”.

Ecological wastewater treatment with minimal environmental impact

Today at the helm of SpinPhield, Jonas Trifot wants to stand out with the technology he proposes, which allows for the finishing treatment of wastewater. “The idea is to treat wastewater in an environmentally friendly way and to restore its natural properties. The idea is to treat the water in an ecological way and to restore its natural properties, because it is important to know that although the water treated by the treatment plants meets the legal drinking standards, this does not mean that it is automatically good for your health.

Currently working on a new version of the prototype, Jonas Trifot hopes to meet with other companies in the near future to establish collaborations. In fact, he plans to take advantage of his arrival at the Innovation Hub to see if something can be done with the southern community. “The interesting thing about Dudelange is that there are places where the water sometimes has a bad taste or is a bit colored. To improve this, it would be enough to install the developed technology on the network. A collaboration with the city is therefore possible and would be really interesting”.

Among the other sectors that could benefit from his innovation, the agricultural sector would also be interesting. “Water for drinking is often of poor quality because it comes from wells. It can therefore have problems of bacteriological contamination. By opting for our solution, the pollution is eliminated and the quality of the water is improved. This reduces the risk of disease in livestock farming and allows fruit and vegetables to be irrigated with healthy water”.

By treating wastewater ecologically, Jonas’ father wanted to do his part to preserve the earth’s resources. A fight that his son has now taken up with dignity.

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