LuxEM: Smart and sustainable cleaning with environmentally friendly products

The first startup to join the Innovation Hub is Latifa El Quabra. Her name? LuxEM, which markets ecological cleaning and maintenance products to communities and companies. We met with the woman who hopes to see her company grow in the coming months.

The creation of LuxEM is above all a coincidence, as Latifa El Quabra explains: “I am a chemist by training, I worked in research. I was also active in sales. This project was therefore born out of a passion for science, but also for human contact”.

Entrepreneurship was, moreover, a logical next step in the career path of the woman who has always felt the desire to create her own business. “Having your own business requires a lot of investment. But I like it more than anything, especially since you have to wear many hats”.

Alone at the helm for now, she would like to see her staff grow over time. “Expanding LuxEM is a logical next step. I would like to surround myself with sales people, but also with a logistician”.

The human being at the center of its activity

Latifa El Quabra offers a range of environmentally friendly products, which are aimed at professionals. “I can’t sell to private individuals because these products are highly concentrated, unlike those found in supermarkets. Their use therefore requires prior training. Among his customers, we find cleaning companies, communities and industries, but also the Horesca sector”.

And more concretely, how does the development of a product proceed? “I think about it, then I collaborate with a laboratory that will manufacture it. I am also constantly listening to my customers: if they have a particular need, and no product in my range can meet it, we think together about what we can do and create”.

Latifa El Quabra hopes that her move to the Innovation Hub will create synergies with the other startups present: “When I was offered to move to Dudelange, I said yes without hesitation. It’s a real opportunity to come here, to take advantage of this entrepreneurial enthusiasm to share our experiences, and to build, why not, common ones”.

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